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Open Home Checklist

To ensure your home shines during an open house, consider making it look its best. An open home can be nerve-racking, so before potential buyers visit, try completing the following tasks to present your house at its finest.

1. Enhance Street Appeal
Clean up the yard by removing toys, trash, and clutter. Stand at the front door and view the entrance through the eyes of a potential buyer.

2. Enhance Entryway
Position two large planters on each side of the entrance to create an inviting atmosphere.

3. Repaint Interiors
Paint the walls to refresh the room’s appearance. Fresh paint gives the space a clean and updated look.

4. Showcase Artistic Photos
Select generic artistic photographers, enlarge them, and frame them in affordable frames from a discount store. Arrange them on a wall to add visual interest.

5. Add Accent Lighting
Introduce accent lighting, such as spotlights, to highlight features like artwork or plants. These lights can plug into existing outlets for easy installation.

6. Declutter for Spaciousness
Decorate simply and avoid clutter. An uncluttered space appears larger and more inviting.

7. Give the Yard a Clip
Trim trees and shrubs that obscure the view of the house from the street, especially around windows, to enhance the house’s appearance and natural light.

8. Inviting Outdoor Spaces
Set up a table and chairs under a tree to create an inviting outdoor area, effectively creating the illusion of an extra living space.

9. Ensure Functionality
Check and repair any light switches and taps to ensure they work smoothly and aren’t noisy. Small repairs and maintenance can significantly impact a sale.

10. Seeking Outside Opinions
Invite a friend over and ask for their honest feedback on how you could improve your property and what might deter them from making an offer.