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Takumi Otsuka

Sales Associate to Sonya Treloar

Takumi Otsuka, a dynamic individual with a global background, embodies the future of real estate agents. With his early years spent in Japan and later in Australia, Takumi’s diverse upbringing has shaped his approach to customer service. Specialising in hospitality and luxury retail, he has honed his skills in providing top-tier client experiences, a testament to his training.

His academic foundation, a Bachelor in International Tourism and Hospitality Management, laid the groundwork for his impressive career. Takumi’s expertise in delivering exceptional service is evident from his tenure at high-end establishments, including a pivotal role at the Salvatore Ferragamo group’s flagship store.

Sonya Treloar, the Sales Director, acknowledges the value young, enthusiastic professionals like Takumi bring to the field, “They possess a natural empathy and dedication, taking time to understand their clients,” Sonya explains. She finds immense satisfaction in teaching these professionals the nuances of Real Estate, confident in their ability to represent themselves and the brand effectively.

Fluent in both English and Japanese, Takumi is not just an asset to his team, but also a testament to the evolving face of the industry. His unique blend of skills and background positions him as a significant asset and a harbringer of the industry’s future.